At Searchlight, we know that yoga has the potential to be a vehicle for change. 

Searchlight Yoga was established in 2015 by Samantha Jones, Betsy Carlson, Nicole Sands, and Julieanne Tabone with the intention to bring the most experienced local teachers and brightest new talent together in a beautiful space. The idea being to make yoga as accessible to as many people as possible, we offer the best instructors, reasonable pricing, a flexible schedule, and absolute support and a sense of community to anyone who wishes to join. 

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to really plug into the heart of yoga, with the potential for a deep, transformational experience, to embody a space for people to really find themselves and heal through yoga. A place for people to really sink in and get to experience the core of yoga. 

Searchlight specializes in classes that suit beginners and the most accomplished practitioners. 

Show up, show us your light. Join us in this place of transformation, connection, and reverence. Join us in this journey of seeking light within each of us and in the world! 

Samantha Jones, Owner/ Teacher/ Manager, Betsy Carlson, Owner/ Teacher, Nicole Sands, Owner, JulieAnne Tabone, Owner

“The space is beautiful and airy, staff is professional and warm and you can hang out and drink tea! I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve tried, they have top notch talented teachers and dynamic classes for all levels with varied class times.”


3501 SW 2nd Ave, Suite O, Gainesville, FL, 32607
Phone: 352-214-8948