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challenge your asana six week series with Kristin joys

six saturdays, January 19th-Feb 23rd 12-1pm

Do you want to practice, play with, and learn new poses? Are you seeking to deepen your practice? Are you ready to begin facing your fears & safely learn challenging poses? Join us for six weeks this Spring on Saturdays from 12-1pm in Challenge Your Asana, with Kristin Joys. Each week we will workshop one of the following six challenging poses:

Half Moon/Ardha Chandrasana (variations: sugarcane/chapasana, bound, poet’s pose)

Crow/Bakasana (variations: jumping back, jumping in, floating in, one-legged)

Dancer/Nataranjasana (variations: elbow bind, king dancer)

Grasshopper/Maksikanagasana (variations: firefly, flying pigeon, side crow)

Forearm Stand/Pincha Mayurasana (variations: scorpion, dolphin, 1 legged dolphin, headstand) 

Floating & Flying (jumping forward from downdog, jumping through to seated, frog hops, straddle press 

Class Passes and Drop Ins Welcome

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THe essence of meditation with Marc Ketchel

Saturdays, Feb 2-16th, 1:30- 3:30pm

This course is designed for the serious student of meditation. However, we will not leave anyone behind. Participants will understand through direct experience, the subtler aspects of the meditation process.

We will explore deeply the nuances of the Self or Atman, the mantra and breath as the primary vehicles and the nature and experience of the subtle energy field of the body. We will collaboratively discover how to apply this understanding in a comprehensive daily meditation practice and as well as out in the world in our daily activities.This course was designed with extended class time to be able to develop the collaborative experience of the practices. We will have extended meditation and questions and answer/ sharing sessions.We will make every effort to accommodate beginning students who are serious about developing a daily practice on the fast track.

Marc Ketchel, meditation teacher and former monk, has been engaged in daily meditation practice since 1971. He has been teaching meditation since 1976 and has spent more than 20,000 hours in deep practice over 45 years.

$135, Early Bird $108 before January 31st 

No Class Passes

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Couples Massage Benefit for Grace

Sunday feb 17th 2-3:30pm

Learn how to give your partner a relaxing massage (without the sore thumbs)!

Join instructor Kara A Smith, LMT to learn massage techniques for the neck, shoulders, and beyond — to make your lover melt! We’ll fix your massage faux pas and show you exactly how to achieve a stress-relieving massage in a fun and supportive environment.

$80 per couple


All Levels of Classes for All Levels of Practice.


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