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Ashtanga yoga jam- Yoga and LIve Kirtan with Jamuna Sheth

saturday october 19th 6-7:30pm

The heart of this 1 1/2 hour Ashtanga vinyasa yoga class is about playfully going deep to allow insights to emerge from our inner reality while flowing to the empowering sounds of live rhythmic kirtan (mantra chanting). Together we will channel our consciousness to become more self-aware and self-actualized on and off our mats. 

  • Class with Jamuna Sheth - Instagram and website: Jamunalaluna

  • Kirtan with Vish - from the Mayapuris band

  • Class duration & style - 1 1/2 hour vinyasa Ashtanga based

Jamuna was raised in the Bhakti Yoga tradition, continuously surrounded by uplifting vibrations of kirtan, mantra meditation, sacred dance, and Bhakti immersions. Her yoga classes are ashtanga vinyasa based with a fusion of health, inspirational concepts, and kirtan.

$20 No Class Passes

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movement as nourishment with justin white

saturday october 26th 3-5pm

Learn the secret to youth and longevity.

In this workshop, Justin will break down how to begin a movement practice and how to progress quickly.  He will share from the AMA perspective as well as the Ido Portal Method to give you a solid foundation. 

The pillars of the body in the AMA method are hip/shoulder mobility, segmented spinal movement, somatic movement, and locomotion. The protocol was created around human developmental movement and the benefits of locomotion and somatic movement such as cross-hemispheric communication in the brain, facial conditioning, and improved proprioception.

Ido Portal is the worlds leading movement coach and the founder of movement culture. He teaches world wide and works with some of the worlds top athletes including Connor Mcgregor.

$35- No Class Passes

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finding flight: inversions, arm and standing balance with Kristin joys

sunday, nov 3rd 3-3:45pm

-Do you want to practice & play with possibilities around floating & flying?

-Are you ready to begin facing your fears & safely learn challenging poses (like variations of crow, flying pigeon, scorpion, bird of paradise, etc.)?

-Would you like to learn to re-write the stories you’ve been telling yourself about not being flexible enough, strong enough, or whatever enough to do inversions & balancing poses?

These mini-workshop-classes are intended to be challenging, fun, and ideally a transformative experiences— giving students the opportunity to focus on learning & practicing some of the more challenging inversions & balancing poses. In each class we’ll get present on our mats, warm up with some sun salutations, and then play with workshopping possibilities for how to safely approach inversions, arm balances, and other balancing poses; we will close with (hard earned) restoration & rest. Most importantly this class is an opportunity for students to tip-toe towards their edges and to learn courage by couraging. 

Class passes and drop ins welcome.

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